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Start Saving Up To 70% On Your Monthly Cell Service By Switching Today To Nextel Nationwide Service & GPS
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EventTone Wireless is an authorized Nextel dealer.

NEXTEL™ offers an array of handheld and vehicular mounted devices to suit the specific needs of your enterprise. With worldwide Push-To-Talk functionality and optional GPS based location tracking, NEXTEL™ offers the features you need with the pricing that fits you best.
NEXTEL ensures your workforce is equipped with the proper communications tools for the job – when, and where you need it.

Our Top Products



Atex intrinsically safe smart device is built to meet the highest of industry standards.Providing the most extensive protection in it’s class. The M5 supports (UHF/VHF)DMR digital model walkie-talkie(2W Power), Push to Talk solutions, RFID & 2D scanner.


NEXTEL i900:

Our best seller. With a Full Touch Screen Key Pad, Full Smart Phone Capabilities, and Full 2-Way PTT Functionality – The Nextel i900 does it all, across the country.



Efficient, feature rich, and durable. Combining radio and Coast-to-Coast Push To Talk, The Nextel i682 offers instant connectivity with your fleet, staff, salespeople, and management from around the globe.

NEXTEL m370 Mobile Unit

Our best selling mobile unit. Manage communications such as transportation, logistics, public/private safety, event and sports production, group recreation and more with NEXTEL™ Dispatch Software. Connect with your crew internationally from wherever you’d like.

Coast-To-Coast Push to Talk Capabilities

The PTT NEXTEL is known for, connect with your team at the push of a button

Dispatch NEXTEL™ PC Dispatch Software

Track your fleet right from the palm of your hand with our proprietary Dispatch Software, comes with every service plan

Shock Resistant & Water Resistant

With 6’’ Gorilla Glass™ touch screen – robust, rugged enterprise design. Built to withstand the harshest of conditions

Full Smart Phone Capability

The PTT NEXTEL is known for, connect with your team at the push of a button

Intrinsically Safe

Built to meet the highest of industry standards – including oil & gas, mining, munitions ,chemical, pharmaceutical, ect.

SOS Function, WiFi & LTE Enabled

The PTT NEXTEL is known for, connect with your team at the push of a button

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